Logistics & Project Deployment

MNGD operates a 400 square metre warehouse/workshop in the northwest of Sydney, and has the logistical capabilities to coordinate multiple large-scale projects across Australia, supported by a dedicated project deployment team and national installer network.

Logistics & Project Deployment

MNGD's logistics and project deployment team is experienced at managing the range of variables involved with project delivery, and is accustomed to working towards tight deadlines in often unique work environments. We have created proven processes to assist with the implementation of our workplace technology solutions, ensuring projects are delivered on or ahead of schedule.

Hardware and software deployment need to be planned in exact detail, and MNGD's customised procedures allow for streamlined coordination between the range of stakeholders involved in project implementation. 

This allows for offsite hardware pre-configuration, hardware on-boarding and pre-deployment commissioning in our workshop, ensuring efficient onsite deployment.

MNGD's spacious warehouse/workshop contains ample space for equipment and materials handling, including dedicated areas for prototyping, rack and lectern building, supporting the reliable flow of supply chain management and inventory control. This promotes efficient operations and allows for multiple, large-scale projects to be undertaken simultaneously around the country.

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