Case Study

Burwood Council Library

Burwood represents strong cultural diversity, with thriving businesses and retail centres, and surrounding historical villages, that have their own distinct character and charm. Burwood Council aims to provide an environment of interactivity and functionality for users of the library and council meeting rooms. The end-users of the AV system range from children using interactive displays in children zones, students using teaching and music labs, public meeting rooms, and council staff meeting rooms.  

There were a variety of challenges Burwood Council/Library we had to overcome in the project. Late engagement into the project, a large number of unique spaces with different functionalities and end-users. This represented a massive challenge to design the systems for each unique space with many types of end-users, designing custom brackets and joinery, and coordination with other trades in required in a short 6 week time frame. 


These challenges were met head-on by our project team. Our system designers worked very closely with Burwood council creating a detailed return brief understanding the requirements for each system, how each end user will interact with space. 

Creating this detailed return brief allowed us to identify the similarities between individual systems, resulting in a base system design that was simple, modular and quick to install and program. This base system was then expanded to similar rooms such as council meeting rooms, interactive rooms, teaching labs and music rooms. Each requiring additional sources e.g projectors, PC’s and control of VC cameras, speakers and microphones. 

MNGD were able to design, install and commission the project in the short time frame to our high standards, creating an AV system that was simple to use and met and exceeded all requirements from Burwood council. 

System Overview

 This project was designed across 2 x Buildings; The Burwood Public Library and Burwood Council office.

  • 3 x Wayfinding Screens: 55” LG display with digital signage software
  • 3 x Promo Screens: 55” LG display with digital signage software
  • 1 x Interactive theatre: 86” Interactive Hitachi display with OPS PC, Shure wireless microphone system, Crestron control panel on a custom bracket, amplifier and pendant speakers, Wiliams Sound IR Hearing Augmentation System 
  • 2 x Interactive virtual galleries 86” Interactive Hitachi display with OPS PC,  Crestron control, amplifier and directional in ceiling speakers, 
  • 1 x Interactive children’s zone: 86” Interactive Hitachi display with OPS PC,  Shure wireless microphone system, Crestron control, amplifier and pendant speakers, 
  • 1 x 160p theatre for public meetings and forums: Maxell Projector, Screen technics 160” motorised projection screen, 75” fall back LG displays, portable lectern with Shure microphone system,  Crestron Presentation switcher, Wireless presentation, 10” Touch panel and in ceiling speakers.