Case Study

Australian Regulatory Body

This Australian regulatory agency (name withheld) has offices in both Sydney and Melbourne. MNGD was tasked to integrate an Alder Technology Consulting (ATC) AV system design in both offices. 

The ATC design consisted of boardrooms, training rooms, and multiple meeting rooms, each utilizing a Unified Communication System by Crestron for video conferencing between their offices and other stakeholders.  The design also incorporates new technologies such as the Crestron NVX network video system and Exterity Digital Signage over IP.

System Overview


Each office has one boardroom. The boardroom system is controlled via a Crestron 10” Touch panel that operates a Unified Communication system. This system also features:

  • Dual 98” 4k UHD displays
  • Aver video conferencing PTZ camera
  • Biamp TTM table top microphone arrays
  • Community Two-Way Compact Column Point Source Loudspeakers
  • Williams Sound hearing augmentation infrared transmitter

The AV rack houses:

  • Crestron CP3N for room control
  • Crestron UC engine for unified communications
  • Crestron Air Media for wireless presentations
  • Biamp Digital Signal Processor to process audio
  • Biamp power amplifier to power the loud speakers
  • Biamp Tesira connect
  • Exterity digital signage server

Training Rooms + Breakout Space

Melbourne consists of dual training room with break out space and Sydney consists of single training room with breakout space. The Training rooms and Breakout Space can operate as individual rooms as well as combined together through Crestron NVX network video and shared equipment. The rooms utilize a central rack that house the following:

  • Crestron CP3N
  • Crestron NVX Card frame with encoders and decoders
  • Crestron Air Media
  • Crestron UC Engine
  • Extron recording and streaming processor
  • Shure Microphone receiver
  • Biamp Digital Signal Processor
  • Network Switch

Training rooms field equipment consists of:

  • Samsung 82” UHD Display
  • Front a rear Sony PTZ cameras
  • Sennheiser Teamconnect ceiling microphone
  • Crestron Saros in-ceiling speakers
  • Williams Sound hearing augmentation infrared system

Breakout Space

The Breakout Space field equipment includes:

  • Hitachi high brightness projector
  • Ultralift projector lifter
  • Samsung 55” UHD Display
  • Sony PTZ camera
  • Sennheiser Teamconnect ceiling microphone
  • Crestron Saros in-ceiling speakers
  • Williams Sound hearing augmentation infrared system


Meeting rooms

The meeting room sizes consist of 4p, 6p, 10p, 16p. Sydney office consists of 11 meeting rooms over 2 levels. And Melbourne consists of 24 rooms over 4 levels

Each room consists of:

  • Samsung UHD display in 55” for 4& 6P, 75” for 10p, 82” for 16P
  • Crestron UC-Engine
  • Crestron Video conferencing soundbar
  • Crestron Touch panel
  • Crestron Air Media wireless presentation


Digital Signage

Each office has multiple digital signage displays. The display can display content from Exterity digital signage server. Sydney has 10 digital signage screens Melbourne