Solving the issue of inconsistent audio.

Shure reinvented the world of installed conference room audio solutions in 2016 with the introduction of the MXA910 which has seen the industries’ expectation change forever for what is acceptable and expected for audio quality and intelligibility.

Integrators, consultants and end users began to experience the Shure MXA910 ceiling and MXA310 table array microphone solutions, which were demanded as the cornerstone of the audio system in many cases where any other aspect of the system was ‘up-for-grabs’.

2020 saw the expansion of the MXA product family, with the MXA710 linear array microphone. With a reduced price point this bolsters Shure’s microphone offering, where previously the offers were strong for large and small meeting rooms, the inclusion of this new product offers end users an unparalleled offer across all spaces previously on offer with the ceiling and table only options. 

The MXA710 is available two array lengths (2’ or 4’) with 3 colour options (Black, White or Brushed Aluminium). Shure’s new MXA adds versatility of installation previously not experienced, now catering for table, ceiling, below screen in ‘soundbar’ or beside display ‘column speaker’ style installations. 



MXA710 in ceiling installation showing microphone pickup lobes for medium meeting room.
MXA710 vertically mounted between VC screens in meeting room

While microphone tech is one thing, seasoned integrators and consultants will understand a room’s audio performance is reliant on its acoustic performance and design and unfortunately, no amount of technology in the microphone and processor can defy the laws of physics, so when planning your new meeting or training spaces, it’s not only important to demand the best audio system but also considering the right floor surface, furniture, wall materials, ceiling construction and acoustic panels will all play a critical part. 

Remote work, distance education and collaboration having been the focus for 2020, users everywhere who previously hadn’t used Zoom, MS Teams or Google Hangouts now are aficionados in video conferences, all who have been using their computers in acoustically ‘friendly’ environments, with little distractive noise, and an up-close and personal relationship with their microphone or headset.After months of remote work and study come to an end with workers and students returning to face to face contact, it’s expected for businesses and educational facilities to have a higher demand on their facilities and the audio deficiencies were previously unknown. Having had all users with microphones close to them (Built into the laptop or web-cam), and hearing others through headphones or speakers in a home office environment it’s often the case that the installed meeting systems are found to be lacking.

As we all know, collaboration with remote parties, or across campuses and offices is going to become normal behaviour, which is why businesses are investing in these systems more than ever, to maintain the professional communication standard, in systems that are easy to use and reliable.

By investing in a Shure Ecosystem solution with a MXA-series microphone, Shure P300 conferencing processor, and Shure MXN5C Ceiling speaker meeting rooms of any size or use will have the best performance possible, guaranteeing a  consistent, high quality collaboration and communication environment for all spaces which both the users and your remote participants will enjoy.

Shure is a professional audio company with microphone, signal processing and acoustic know how developed over 95 years of innovation.

Jands is the leading distributor of professional Audio, Lighting and Engineered solutions for the last 50 years.

By Ryan Hochkins on December 8 2020.